Wednesday, March 08, 2006

oreck air purifier

oreck air purifier

If you are unsure about what an oreck air purifier is and what exactly it does, then you are not alone. Most people have at least thought about the notion of improving their indoor air quality, but dismiss the idea because of the confusion surrounding the topic of an oreck air purifier.

First of all, lets define the term air purifier. An air purifier is a mechanism that is designed to free air from contaminants. Different techniques are used to complete this task and these include filters, adsorbents, and electrostatic charges. Asthma sufferers, those that have allergies, and those with other respitory problems have the most to benefit from an oreck air purifier.
Air purifiers work by drawing these contaminants from within the air that we breathe. Harmful air is pulled into the oreck air purifier by the grill. Some air purifiers have a pre-filter that helps contain the larger of the airborne particles. Air will then travel through the carbon filter which will help reduce unpleasant odors. Then the air will pass through another filter that is composed of many woven fibers. Finally, the fan redirects the filtered air throughout the room.

oreck air purifier


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